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Sherpa rack mounted on Giant bike"I received my Sherpa front rack this week, and mounted it onto my Giant OCR-1 (blade-shaped carbon-fibre forks), using the hardware kit you supplied. It all fit fine, thanks! Photo attached."

- Mitch Thornton
Invermere BC, Canada





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"I've been using your racks on various bikes for the last 5 years and they have served me well. My last tour was down the Baja Peninsula using OMM Red Rocks & Cold Springs racks on my Surly LHT. They are well designed and made. It is nice to use bomber gear like this on tour so I can put my energy into turning the pedals - not worrying about my equipment. I must like them seeing as I own 4 of them...=-) "

- Vik
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Vik from Calgary, B.C. in Baja Callifornia

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Picture of Frank

"I rode the C&O Canal towpath from Cumberland, MD to Georgetown DC and beyond, a total of over 210 miles,
using your Cold Springs racks, and they were great. They were tough and held up well over four days of abuse on the trail. I've included a photo of the racks and bags and bike at the trailhead in Cumberland, you can see how great everything looks. Again, very happy with the racks, thanks again for your part of this project."
- Frank C.

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"I just received my Sherpa rack and installed it in about 10 minutes. It
looks well-made and everything fit as described. Just wanted to drop
you a note and thank you for a solid product."

- Brian
Portland, OR

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Madagascar Photo"I just went cycle touring in Madagascar with one of your rear bike racks. It was SO GOOD!!! The best bike rack I have ever had (and I have tried out a few). The design is perfect. It didn’t wobble, didn’t loosen, didn’t break anything. WELL DONE! I am recommending your racks to all the cycle people I know here. Hopefully you will start selling from an NZ retailer sometime. If you want a photo of your rack on a bike in Madagascar let me know." - Jane

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"About two weeks ago I bought a Novara Safari at REI. This is a great bike for heavy duty touring and has many desirable features, such as disc brakes and a mid-level fork eyelet for mounting a front rack.

"To my chagrin, I found that none of the front racks I owned (Blackburn, Vetta and Nashbar) would fit the eyelets. The problem was the mid-level fork eyelets were too far from the lower eyelets. The customer service guy at REI tried to come up with a solution but was unable to come up with anything satisfactory.

"Fortunately I stumbled upon your website! I hooked up with The Touring Cyclist store on-line and ordered the AC LowRider. It just came via UPS and I installed it in a few minutes- perfect! Problem solved! The rack fits perfectly, clears the disc brake caliper and it sits absolutely level. My Ortlieb front panniers seem to fit nicely. And the quality appears first-rate. All this at a reasonable price! To my knowledge no other rack will work this well, and believe me, I've been checking everywhere.

"Thanks for marketing this fine product! It will add greatly to the pleasure I hope to get out of my new bike. I plan to pass this info on to REI- they should stock this rack as it is best solution to using front panniers on the Safari.

"You now have a new, and very happy, customer!"

- Jack Huber
Richmond, Virginia

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The Hood FamilyRon Hood and his family took a three week, 1000 km trip through Germany. Ron and his wife rode a tandem while his daughters both had full-suspension MTB's.

"We made it through our European bicycle trip and I'm happy to report that the Old Man Mountain racks worked great!"

- Ron Hood
Seattle, WA

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Steve in Cabo

Steve and a friend rode from Anchorage, Alaska to Cabo San Lucas.

"Their rack is certainly artistry and they have a number of a very rigid, strong attachment. The rack detaches fairly quickly if I need to remove it to pack the bike, and the high rack will carry a gallon container of water if we want to free-camp away from water sources, which will likely happen in Baja and is possible in Alaska and the Yukon too...and the bike rides like a train when loaded."

- from Steve's website


"Just wanted to drop a line to tell you all how satisfied I
am with my new rack. I rode across Catalina the other weekend
with all my camping gear on the rack, it performed flawlwssly.
Great trip with a great product, I will for sure recommend you all
to my friends."

- Keven MacGowan

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Jens Bike . Photo from Germany.

"A few days ago my brother came back to germany and brought your great stuff to me. So look at the picture: Isn't this an absolutely hot composition?!

I say thanx to you and keep on creating such perfect frames!!!

Many greetings from germany."

- Jens

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Photo of Mike's BikeMike is set for some great times on his Russian-made cyclo-cross bike.

"Awesome customer service! Brackets for disc brakes on my cross bike work perfectly. Sturdy, well-made racks should easily last the life of the bike. And did I mention the really cool Vaude panniers! Knowledgeable sales staff who rides what they sell- the very best."

- Mike T.
San Diego, CA

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"The rack is beautiful and I really like the way you guys go through the extra effort with all the extra parts. Thanks bunches. My friend saw the rack and was really impressed with the way it mounted. He said he may consider getting one for his bike since he has the short chain stay problem, too. Anyway thanks for my first and final good rack, since it has a lifetime warranty. Of course, if the cycle touring becomes addictive, you know where I will be coming for a front rack. Now get out and ride! - Joe Dipko

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Thom Kyker-SmowmanThom, Kathy, and their two daughters recently completed 2100 miles on Adventure Cycling's Northern Tier Route from Seattle to Minneapolis.

"We've just pulled back home after covering 2100 miles from Seattle to Minneapolis in the last 47 days.Your racks performed absolutely flawlessly. It gave us great confidence to check them each day and feel how strong and secure they remained under heavy loads, in contrast to our few remaining non OMM racks (which we plan to replace!).

"I recommended them to other tourers we encountered along the way."

- Thom Kyker-Snowman
Amherst, MA

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"I want to thank you for taking the time to do it right! The rack installed on my Catrike Road 05 trike as if it were made for it...and it was. If you don't mind, I'm going to let the other "Catrikers" know about your alternative.

"Anyway, thanks for coming through big time! I especially like the non-loosening nuts you included. No worries."

- Jay Singer

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Ruedi and the Alps.Ruedi first used our racks on the Great Divide Trail in 1999. Since then he has taken several trips around his the foothills of the Swiss Alps!

"I've used your racks during the Great Divide Mountain Bike Trip in 1999, and I like them very much. They lasted the whole way down from the Canadian to the Mexican border with sometimes very heavy load and under extremely hard road conditions. If you're ever in Switzerland...look me up!"

- Ruedi
Buren an der Aare,

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Picture of RobinRobin and her friend Lori recently took their first trip on the popular Great Divide Route. They plan on doing several more sections before tackling the entire route someday. An inspiring and ambitious plan!

"Just wanted to thank you for all your advice in helping us prepare for our trip. Our gear performed magnificently! We plan on doing this again soon...and of course you and the OMM crew are invited!"

- Robin
Paducah, KY