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Channing Hammond (Mr. Old Man Mountain) grew up in the foothills of the Santa Ynez Mountains. It was mountain bike camping trips he took as a teenager that provided the inspiration for his innovative racks. Below is a link to an article from Dirt Rag Magazine and and some pictures from his favorite Santa Barbara backcountry ride, "The Corridor."

"The Corridor"
By Jonathan Maus — from Dirt Rag Magazine, Issue #93




This awesome footage of mountain biking with racks and bags was shot by Matt Collins of Solidphoto Productions and appeared in his famous video, "Real Simple". The footage features Channing Hammond and friends in the Santa Barbara Backcountry. The footage is split into smaller bits to make it quicker to download.

Cold Springs Trail

Crazy singletrack switchback which most people wouldn't ride without fully loaded bags! Watch for the crash...and yes, those bags are full of gear.

Fire Roads, Big Pine Mountain

Very smooth and fast riding down fire roads...and of course the famous front rack cam.

Romero Road

More Santa Barbara singletrack. This time the view is of the Pacific as the guys descend back to town on Romero Road.

Josh and Mark Overnighter