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Peace Pedalers
These may be the luckiest guys in the world. They're on a 3-5 year journey around the globe, spreading the warm vibes of peace through cycling. They ride custom tandems that can convert to singles and they pick up riders along the way. They're using Cold Springs Fronts and a prototype Red Rock in the rear.

Bike For Breath
The Eber Family has ridden through 25 countries and 5 continent on two tandems. They've been carrying over 100 pounds of gear for nearly 16 months and have not once even tightened a bolt on their OMM racks!

US Adventure Racing Association

Santa Barbara Middle School
This amazing school recently completed another journey across the U.S., retracing the steps of Lewis and Clark. The best part is, the ride is a requirement to graduate!

Adventure Cycling Association
We sponsor the Adventure Cycling Association's "Dream Giveaway" contest.

Steve Fassbinder